Site Preparation

Puget Sound Services can perform the full spectrum of site preparation services including removal of old existing cabling and equipment, expanding or modifying building facilities to support structured cabling, distribution frames, and active network device installation. We will also ensure that adequate mechanical and electrical systems are in place. We can coordinate or perform services such as boring, trenching, installing or repairing duct systems.


As part of the cable plant installation we conduct all required construction activities including building communications closets, installing the grounding infrastructure, and performing core drilling. We install cable path materials such as sleeves, messenger wire, cable trays and ladder racks, J-hooks, D-rings, innerduct and surface mount conduit. We also install backboards, racks, shelves, cabinets, and the mounting of electronic equipment, patch panels and other components.

Cable Plant Installation – Copper & Fiber

Our technicians specialize in quality installation of complex cable systems in a wide range of building structures and environments, including premise distribution systems, campus-wide networks, and underground/conduit and aerial cabling. We install and terminate all transmission media, including fiber optic (multi/single mode), shielded and unshielded twisted pair, coaxial, as well as all components, including work area outlets, switches, routers and other equipment.

Testing and Certification

To ensure the highest quality of service, we test, certify, and document every component that we provide and install. Prior to system certification, our installation technicians test backbone, horizontal, and work area links in accordance with EIA/TIA standards. We utilize the most current and advances testing equipment for copper and fiber optic cable media.

Project Documentation

Each client is provided with a cable documentation manual to ensure manageability over the life of the network. The manual includes electronic and hard copy drawings for each floor and building detailing drop locations, Main and Intermediate Distribution Frame detail drawings, Fiber Route Diagrams, Fiber Certification Reports, Cable Certification Reports, and digital photographs as well as other pertinent information.

The foundation for our cable plant certification is our certified installation, testing and documentation. Puget Sound Services is proud to be partnered with such companies as Leviton, Seicor and Panduit, to name a few. With a certified system, we can extend a comprehensive 25-year warranty from our business partners – providing assurance that your structured cabling system will meet the performance specifications it was designed for.

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